MSI introduces two quantum-dot monitors.

MSI has released two 32-inch gaming monitors with quantum dots and IPS panels, featuring 1440p resolution and flagship features.

MSI presents two 32-inch gaming monitors with quantum dot and IPS matrices

MSI has introduced two new gaming monitors that feature quantum dots and IPS matrices. These latest offerings come with a resolution of 1440p, accurate color reproduction, as well as several other flagship features.

Features of the New Monitors

  • Quantum Dots:The use of Quantum Dot technology enables these monitors to produce colors that are more vivid, brighter and have greater contrast than traditional LED screens.
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) Matrices:This technology ensures better viewing angles for users so they can view images from almost any angle without noticing any distortion or color shifting issues.
  • Detailed Resolution:The high-resolution display on these monitors allows gamers to see their games in stunning detail. This makes it easier for them to spot enemies hiding behind corners or objects within the game world which can ultimately give them an edge over their opponents during gameplay sessions.
  • Bonus Features

    In addition to all this impressive tech under the hood, both models also boast additional bonus features such as customizable RGB lighting around the edges that you can set up according to your preferences. Additionally both models offer VESA mounting compatibility allowing easy installation onto walls or stands if required.
    Overall MSIs latest offering is sure going be a hit among hardcore gamers looking for top-of-the-line displays!