Microsoft unveils Copilot AI to revolutionize Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint.

Microsoft plans to integrate OpenAI’s Copilot, an AI-based virtual assistant, into Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Excel and Outlook in the coming months. The technology will generate entire documents from company files and conference calls with the software being tested by 20 companies already. Microsoft is investing $10bn in integrating Copilot into its tools “to help people create great content… using natural language queries”. Additionally, a conversational agent called Business Chat that uses AI has been developed for Microsoft Teams which can respond to requests by grouping resources users need.

Microsoft announces integration of OpenAI technology in Office with Microsoft 365

In an interview with Bloomberg, Satya Nadella gave Microsoft’s vision for Office, which is now integrated with Microsoft 365. In “the coming months”, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Excel and Outlook will be updated with the latest OpenAI technologies,
in which Microsoft will invest 10 billion to integrate Copilot, a new AI-based virtual assistant.

The “next big step” for Microsoft

These are the words used by Satya Nadella who announces that his company will integrate this technology
“to the tools that everyone uses every day at work”. The objective is
“to help people create great content, great documents,
great PowerPoint presentations as well as advanced tasks like sophisticated analytics using natural language queries.”

To work ,Microsoft 365 copilot combines three technologies:

  1. The microsoft apps you already know (Word,Treams.PowerPoint.Excel.And outlook).
  2. The “microsoft Graph”which represents your content and context in which it shared.This may include your emails,doucments meetings conversations calemdar etc
  3. .


    Business Chat “,the other way to used Micosoft Copilot

    In addition to integration of Co-pilote in Micorsoft applications,the company also presented a ‘new experience’ called ‘Business chat’.Like ChatGPT or new Bing,it is conversational agent taht uses languagae based model ti respond oyur requests afraoal way but directly integrated into Micrsoft teams.

    It i neither more nor less than professional virtual assistanthat usese artificail intelligence.As yu can see on video below,it s able respnd tour requestts by analyzing yoour eamils,caldendars generate relevnat answersand grouping different resourcesyou need.

    Dicover ::How tonuse thenew-AI powered bing any browser

    “Copiolot marks anew era computing thtwill fundamentally transform hte wa we wrok”Proudly explains micorosoft.


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