Microsoft Rewards Program Undergoes Significant Changes

In recent developments, Microsoft’s Rewards Program, a popular scheme for incentivizing the use of various Microsoft services, has undergone several significant changes. This article compiles and analyzes these changes based on three recent news reports.

Removal of Edge Browser Points

One of the most notable changes in the Microsoft Rewards Program is the removal of daily points for using the Microsoft Edge browser. Previously, users could earn 12 points daily (20 in the US) for searches made through the Edge browser. This option now seems to be unavailable in all regions, including the US and the UK.

User Reactions

  • The change has sparked disappointment among users, particularly those who frequently collect Microsoft Rewards.
  • Some users consider the program no longer worth the time and effort.
  • There is a notable frustration due to the lack of communication from Microsoft regarding these alterations.

Implementation of Search Cooldown

Another significant alteration is the implementation of a search cooldown. This new system requires users to wait approximately five to six seconds between each search for them to count toward the daily search points total. This change contrasts sharply with the previous system, where users could quickly complete searches.

Uncertainty Over Permanence

  • There is uncertainty about whether this is a permanent change or a bug.
  • This cooldown has added a layer of inconvenience for users accustomed to quick searches.

Reductions and Restructurings

The Microsoft Rewards Program has seen various other reductions and restructuring over the past year, including:

  • Removal of various punch cards from the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox.
  • Reduction in the number of points earned from punch cards.
  • Moving the daily achievement task behind a Game Pass paywall and reducing its points.

Potential Future Changes

  • There is speculation about Microsoft possibly closing down the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox and ending weekly streaks.

Xbox Rewards App Closure

In a related development, Xbox is reportedly planning to close down the Xbox Rewards App.

Integration into a New Rewards Hub

  • The closure aims to provide a more integrated experience on Xbox platforms.
  • A new “Rewards Hub” on the Xbox console will replace the separate app, simplifying and streamlining the rewards experience.
  • The change is anticipated to be fully implemented by December 2023.

Benefits of the New System

  • The integrated system is expected to make claiming and redeeming points quicker and more efficient.
  • The move is seen as a positive change for most users, offering easier access to rewards.

Impact on User Engagement

The recent changes to the Microsoft Rewards Program raise questions about their impact on user engagement. Traditionally, rewards programs are designed to promote user loyalty and increase the use of specific services. However, with the removal of certain incentives and the introduction of new restrictions, there is potential for a shift in user behavior.

Possible Outcomes

  • Users might adapt to the new system, finding value in the remaining rewards.
  • Alternatively, some users might reduce their engagement with Microsoft services if they perceive the rewards as less attainable or less valuable.

Microsoft’s Strategic Objectives

These modifications to the Rewards Program appear to be aligned with Microsoft’s broader strategic objectives.

Streamlining Operations

Integrating the Xbox Rewards into the console itself and reducing the complexity of the Microsoft Rewards Program can be seen as an effort to streamline operations and reduce overhead.

Shifting Focus

  • Microsoft might be shifting its focus toward other aspects of its service offerings, perhaps prioritizing subscriptions like Game Pass over point-based incentives.


The Microsoft Rewards Program and Xbox Rewards are undergoing significant changes, affecting how users earn and redeem points. While these changes aim to streamline and simplify the rewards experience, they have also caused some discontent among users. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact user engagement with Microsoft’s services in the long term. For more detailed information on the Microsoft Rewards Program and its changes, you can visit the official Microsoft Rewards page.

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