Microsoft reveals secrets of new Bing version in unveiling.

Microsoft integrated a derivative version of ChatGPT, called Prometheus, into Bing search engine powered by GPT-4 but did not initially specify this.

Microsoft Confirms Integration of GPT-4 in Bing’s ChatGPT

Microsoft did not tell us everything about the version of ChatGPT integrated into the Bing search engine. Shortly after the announcement of GPT-4, the firm made a revelation…

Prometheus: The Derivative Version for Online Research

At the beginning of February, Microsoft has lifted the veil on Prometheus, a derivative version of ChatGPT dedicated to online research. This chatbot has been incorporated into the Bing interface as an assistant. During the announcement, the Redmond giant did not explicitly specify which version of the GPT language model (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) was used.

Glimpses About The Language Model Used By Microsoft Engineers:

On its website, Microsoft repeatedly mentioned GPT-3.5, which drives current ChatGTP but never specified whether it is indeed being used by its engineers. 
The company explained that it only relied on “‘.ChatGTP and GTP 3 – key learnings and advancements” .

Bing Benefits from Improvements As OpenAI Continues To Bring Updates:

In a blog post, Microsoft reveals that Prometheus has always been animated by GPt 4.If you already use bing since preview rolled out then you may have tested this language model without knowing it.

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  • The American publisher specifies th at openai improvements would be added along with their own updates based o n community feedback.

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