Microsoft offers Sony assurances in 69B dollar Blizzard/Activision acquisition.

Microsoft is reportedly preparing guarantees to reassure Sony and regulators that its acquisition of Activision/Blizzard will not affect the release of licenses on other platforms. Microsoft may offer a ten-year license to Sony, guaranteeing that all acquired licenses would be ported to PlayStation at the same time as Xboxes. The move aims to address concerns around potential licensing advantages resulting from the $69 billion deal and could remove barriers if regulators side with Sony’s opinions. However, approval for the acquisition remains uncertain amid broader mistrust of tech giants’ concentration of power and purchases by regulatory bodies globally.

Microsoft Prepares Guarantees to Ensure Acquisition of Blizzard/Activision

Two American and European investigations are currently studying the admissibility of Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard/Activision. In response, Microsoft is preparing guarantees to reassure Sony and regulators that this deal will not affect the release of licenses like Call of Duty on other platforms.

The risk of blockages for the takeover has prompted Microsoft to provide reassurances not only to its competitor Sony but also US and European regulators who have both launched an anti-trust investigation. According to Reuters, one offer could be a ten-year license guaranteeing that all acquired licenses would be ported at the same time as its own Xboxes onto PlayStation, thereby ensuring exclusivity does not impact success rates.

Sony continues lobbying around licensing power particularly with regards Call of Duty, which remains extremely popular internationally. The latest episode called ” Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” exceeded $1 billion in sales just ten days after its October 28 release; however in terms both sales volumes on one hand but also number quantity quality licences on another – it is still behind market leader Sony.

If regulatory bodies such as United States’ FTC or Europe’s Commission agree with Sony about potential licensing advantages arising from this $69bn deal then barriers may arise even if customers want games like Spyro or Candy Crush instead because they remain less known than Call Of Duty franchise by comparison despite being popular too!

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None parties involved commented yet regarding rumors swirling legal negotiations happening between two companies over their respective stances towards impending purchase where general mistrust tech giants looms large due concentration powers purchases including Facebook’s acquisition Giphy platform worth much less than Activison-Blizzard.

Nonetheless, any gesture openness plus legal guarantees weighed favourably balance ahead April deadline set by EU authorities examining feasibility move forward into future ownership under new management team led Satya Nadella whose leadership significant step towards consolidating gaming industry once again!