“Microsoft offers option to disable Bing Discover button in Edge.”

Microsoft is testing an option to remove the Bing Discover button from its Edge browser, which currently opens automatically and can be annoying.

Microsoft to Add Option to Disable Bing Discover Button in Edge Browser

The Bing Discover function, which opens automatically by simply hovering over the button with the mouse, can soon be deactivated. Microsoft is preparing an option in Edge settings to remove the button from its browser.

The Problem with Bing Button on Microsoft’s Web Browser

If you’re using Microsoft’s web browser, you’ve probably noticed a Bing button appear in the top right of the window, above the sidebar. This button with questionable ergonomics somehow harms user experience. Indeed, simply hovering over it with your cursor gives way for Edge Copilot window that opens and closes after leaving that area momentarily.

This new module makes it possible to open conversation mode of Bing, powered by ChatGPT on a bar grafted at right side of browser window since update version 111 also hosts co-pilot designed for navigation support. It allows additional information display next active page based on AI context allowing users more productivity options including Write feature where chatbot writes emails as instructed.

Unfortunately this feature meant well but has proven annoying rather than helpful due lack parameter controls or changing position as accidental triggers might occur when pointing mouse pointer main menu adjacent edge discover icon.

A Solution: Disabling Functionality via Registry Editor or Group Policy Modification

To deactivate nuisance triggers caused by discover functionality requires manipulation registry editor modifying group policy potentially deactivating entire sidebar causing inconvenience during browsing session).

Possible Solution Being Tested By Developers In Canary Version Of The Browser:

  • An option located under Settings > Box Menu will accommodate disabling Display Of The Discover Icon For Users who find this irritating while using their browsers without losing any other features available within them!

Note:This solution is currently being tested out only through “Edge Canary” (a version intended mainly towards developers) and there isn’t any confirmation yet if confirmed stable release date scheduled anytime soon perhaps May?


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