“Microsoft introduces universal video scaling technology.”

Microsoft has released an experimental Video Super Resolution feature in their Edge browser, similar to NVIDIA’s RTX upscaling, with certain prerequisites.

Microsoft Edge Gets NVIDIA’s Video Super Resolution Feature

Recently, NVIDIA released a driver that enables the RTX Video Super Resolution feature in newer versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. This technology allows lower resolution online videos to be upscaled for better viewing experience.

Edge Browser with Experimental Features

The capability was initially available only on these two popular web browsers. However, Microsoft has now made its own video super-resolution feature within the experimental version of the Edge browser.

This service is currently available through the Canary channel program version and automatically accessible by half of users. But if not activated automatically, it can be manually enabled using “edge://flags/#edge-video-super-resolution” setting.

Necessary Prerequisites for Operation

To enjoy this new capability on your device requires some prerequisites such as:

  • A VGA more powerful than AMD Radeon RX5700
  • An Nvidia GeForce RTX20 series or newer graphics card
  • A DRM-free video played at a minimum resolution of 720 pixels but must have a minimum pixel count horizontally & vertically (i.e.,192 pixels) required .
  • In addition, your device must also connect to an electrical network to function properly.

    Clearly there are plans underway by Microsoft to expand options later – already working towards making it available even on notebooks with hybrid graphics.

    So far we do not know when this exciting new offering will become finalized within their browser- however over time we can expect they will make stable versions publicly available so everyone can benefit from what looks like an incredible enhancement!

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