M.2 card from Apex Storage controls 21 NVMe SSDs.

Apex Storage’s X21 expansion card can hold up to 21 M.2 SSDs with read/write bandwidth of 30.5/28.5 GB/s, but requires significant power and airflow for optimal operation.

Apex Storage X21 Expansion Card

Apex Storage is a newcomer in the world of data storage and has presented an expansion card that can accommodate no less than twenty-one (PCI Express 4.0) M.2 SSDs when inserted into a x16 PCI Express 4.0 rail.

X21 Features

  • Full UEFI/Secure Boot support
  • NVMe 2.0 protocol support
  • Intel Optane support
  • A read/write bandwidth of 30.5/28.5 GB/s and an average latency of 79/52 microseconds
  • An additional capacity of up to168 TB with the ability to manage up to eight By storage

The single-slot, full-height, and length hardware provides users with one hundred PCI Express lanes as well as RAID options from Windows /Windows Server/Linux operating systems.

X21 Power Consumption Details:

      -Consumes around ninety-five watts (95W).

      -Absorbs energy via two six-pin PCI express power connectors along with its socket.

This structure does not include any fans for its included fins; however, according to Apex Storage manufacturers, it requires at least four hundred lfm air flow for correct operation sold alongside lifetime warranty but pricing still remains unknown at this time.