LG gram Style 2023 OLED with invisible touchpad for $1455.

LG announced the release of gram Style 2023 OLED ultrabooks with unique design and hidden hinges.

LG launches gram Style 2023 OLED ultrabooks

LG has announced the start of sales for its gram Style 2023 OLED ultrabooks. As the name suggests, these new models are equipped with OLED displays and feature unique designs with hidden features.

Features of gram Style 2023 OLED Ultrabooks

  • OLED display technology: The use of organic LED panels in the screen offers deeper black levels, wider viewing angles and better contrast ratios compared to traditional LCD screens.
  • Slim profile: The laptops have a thin profile that makes them easy to carry around.
  • Durable build quality: Despite being lightweight, they are built to withstand everyday wear-and-tear thanks to their magnesium alloy body construction.

The Unique Design:

A standout feature is its unique design that includes a hinge mechanism which raises the keyboard up when opened. This creates an ergonomic typing angle while also improving airflow underneath for cooling purposes.
The lid can be tilted back further than most other laptops allowing users more flexibility in how they position it on their desk or lap.

Another unusual aspect is that there’s no visible branding on either side – only a subtle outline logo etched into one corner- making it look sleeker without any distractions from logos or stickers.

Available colors include dark silver and white pearl finishes giving customers a range of options depending on their style preferences.

Pricing & Availability:

The pricing starts at $1599 US dollars (approx.) which may seem high but given all these features packed into such slim frames this makes sense as well-designed gadgets often come at higher prices.
These notebooks will be available initially in selected markets including North America starting from September onwards through various retailers both online and offline worldwide so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested!

Overall, LG’s new release should definitely appeal those who prioritize portability without sacrificing performance along with design-conscious individuals seeking something different yet functional simultaneously!

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