Kensington releases “anti-spy” filters for Apple laptops and monitors.

Kensington has launched Elite Privacy Screen panels for MacBook, iMac and Mac Studio to protect information from unauthorized access.

Kensington Introduces Elite Privacy Screen Panels for Apple Devices

Kensington, a renowned technology company, has recently launched its series of removable panels named Elite Privacy Screens that are specifically designed for MacBook, iMac and Mac Studio displays. These accessories aim to protect the sensitive information displayed on these screens from unwanted third-party viewers.

With privacy becoming an increasingly important concern in today’s digital era, Kensington’s new range of screen panels is a welcome addition to ensure data security. The Elite Privacy Screen series offers users the ability to keep their work confidential while working in public places such as coffee shops or airports.

The innovative design of these removable screens incorporates advanced light filtering technology that limits the viewing angle from both sides – only allowing users directly facing it full visibility. This feature ensures maximum confidentiality by preventing others from seeing what is being displayed on-screen without permission.

Another significant advantage offered by this accessory line is its ease-of-use with no complex installation required; each panel simply clips onto your device’s display using magnetic strips embedded within them. Moreover, they do not impede any regular activity associated with laptop usage like opening/closing lid or accessing ports etc., making them extremely user-friendly and convenient to use anytime anywhere!

In conclusion, Kensington’s launch of its new product range “Elite Privacy Screens” reflects their commitment towards providing high-quality solutions catering specifically towards customer needs concerning data protection and privacy concerns when using personal devices in public spaces where prying eyes may be lurking around!