iPhone 15 Pro rumored to be Apple’s priciest “Pro” model.

Apple set the “standard” price for Pro versions of iPhone at $999 in 2017, but insiders claim this year’s flagship will be even more expensive.

Apple’s New Flagship iPhone to Break $999 Price Tradition

In 2017, Apple unofficially established a pricing “standard” for Pro versions of the iPhone at $999. However, insiders suggest that this year, the company will break from tradition and introduce an even more expensive flagship model.

This news comes as no surprise to those who have followed Apple’s recent trend of increasing prices across its products. In fact, last year’s release of the iPhone X marked a significant jump in price from previous models.

The Evolution of Prices

It wasn’t always this way – when the first iPhone was released in 2007 it sold for just $499 (with contract). Over time prices increased steadily with each new model release but it wasn’t until recently that they began skyrocketing exponentially higher than before.

A Look Ahead: What Can We Expect?

Rumors surrounding Apple’s newest flagship phone indicate features such as improved camera capabilities and faster processing speeds; however these advancements may come at a steep cost for consumers. If indeed true that we should expect another increase beyond last years’ high mark then some potential buyers might be deterred by sticker shock alone!

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking forward to purchasing one of these top-tier iPhones soon after their launch date then make sure your wallet is ready because there won’t be any bargains on offer here!

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