“Interactive tablet game Osmo tests education with real-world interaction.”

Osmo’s educational game suite offers a balance between physical and virtual worlds, allowing children to play while learning. The tablet-based games interact with pieces placed on the table, and parents can monitor their child’s progress through an app. The kit includes modules for letters, numbers (classic and dice), tangram puzzles, as well as coding blocks to create basic programs. It is compatible with iPads or Amazon Kindle Fire tablets but not suitable for all Android brands.

The Osmo Educational Game Suite: A Perfect Blend of Physical and Virtual Worlds

With its tokens and pieces to manipulate, the Osmo educational game suite offers an excellent balance between the physical and virtual worlds. It allows children to play while learning – which should (also) appeal to parents.

The Double-Edged Sword of Tablets in Children’s Lives

Both nemesis and guardian angels of overwhelmed parents, our view of the place of tablets in the lives of our children is a double-edged sword. On the tails side, it allows you to quickly put a cartoon on a Smurf while you are overwhelmed in the kitchen. On face side, she can literally absorb toddler’s mind – with potential rages that entail when taken away from her.

Osmo Brand: An Original Solution for Active Learning through Tablet Gaming

Many actors continue to consider tablet not only as tool for passive media consultation but also as an educational partner where child is active among these Indian Byju’s (yes that’s name parent company!)and its Osmo brand.A brand that is developing original solution placed on support decked out with module redirecting gaze webcam,the tablet,and its games interact directly with pieces placed on table.A good compromise between modernity and old-fashioned games?

We Tested The Genius Starter Kit And Coding Starter Kit

We tested two kits; “Genius Starter kit”(119 €)as well as “Coding starter kit“(€119). Which brought us extra base which has little interest unless one takes starter kit just take“coding family bundle”to save 20 euros.The test subject was six-year-old human male all teeth…milk.Osmowas,in this case,testedinits English version,since animalisbilingualliketoplaythis language.French versionisthe same because itistranslatedlanguagesother languages currently benefit from partial translation certain kits.THE Genius Starterskitconsistsbase reflector camera three boxes containing game modules letters,numbers(classic,dice),tangram.Codekitcontains blockschildcanassembletocreate basic programs.

A Stable White Stand That Lets Your Child Play Without Touching The Tablet Screen!
All dressed white,the tablet stand very stable at no time during various gaming sessions(several dozen over past six months)didtablet fail fall.And forgoodreasonthe child does not have touchit.Because most work done by front camera.Camera doesn’t see your toddler’s face anytime since device comeswith sensor.In fact,piece mountoncameraincorporates mirrorthat redirects visionofthetabletto tableonwhichchildplayspieces.Various softwareinOsmo ecosystemrecognize theseparts.Itis throughthemthatlittleoneswillinteractwithwhatisplayedonscreen.

iPads With A Physical Button Have The Advantage Over More Modern Versions!

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An App For Parents To Keep An Eye On Their Little One ’s Activity:

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Limited Help From Parents Required But May Be Necessary In Some Cases:

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