Intel matches AMD in sales of discrete graphics cards.

Jon Peddie Research published a report on graphics card shipments, with surprising figures showing Intel’s success as a newcomer.

Jon Peddie Research Publishes Report on Graphics Card Shipments

Analytical company Jon Peddie Research has published a report on graphics card shipments over the past year. The figures are interesting – despite the overall decline in the industry, newcomer Intel managed to […]

The report shows that global graphics card shipments fell by 3% last year compared to 2018. However, there were some standout performers within this trend. For instance, AMD increased its market share significantly from just under 14% in Q4 of 2018 to over 22% in Q4 of last year.

Intel’s Entry into Dedicated Graphics Cards Market

A notable entry into this market was Intel with their first dedicated graphics cards called “Xe” which is set for release later this year. This marks a significant shift for Intel who have been primarily focused on CPUs and integrated GPUs up until now.

Growth Opportunities Ahead?

The report indicates that there may be growth opportunities ahead as new technologies such as ray tracing and AI continue to drive demand for higher-end graphics cards capable of handling these tasks efficiently.

Nvidia Remains Dominant Player

Nvidia remains the dominant player with around three-quarters of all dedicated GPU sales globally while AMD continues gaining traction thanks largely due its competitive pricing strategies.. With an increasingly competitive landscape it will be fascinating see how these numbers change moving forward!

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