Insights #2985: Apple’s RealityOS, Nothing Ear (2), and iQOO Z7.

In this edition of Insiders: Mentions of RealityOS found in Apple’s GitHub repository, Carl Pei clarifies the specifications for Nothing Ear (2) headphones, and iQOO reveals a feature about their smartphone display.

Insider News: RealityOS Mentioned in Apple’s GitHub Repository, Carl Pei Reveals Specs for Nothing Ear (2) Headphones, iQOO Unveils Display Feature of Smartphone

In this latest edition of Insider News, we bring you updates on some exciting developments in the tech world.

RealityOS Mentioned in Apple’s GitHub Repository

A recent discovery on Apple’s GitHub repository has revealed that the company may be working on a new operating system called RealityOS. While there is no official confirmation from Apple yet, several references to “reality” and “augmented reality” have been found within the codebase.

If this turns out to be true, it could mean that we can expect more immersive AR experiences from future iOS devices. It also suggests that augmented reality technology could play a bigger role in upcoming products from Cupertino-based giant.

Carl Pei Reveals Specs for Nothing Ear (2) Headphones

The highly anticipated launch of Nothing earbuds is just around the corner and founder Carl Pei has shared some details about their specifications through his Twitter account. According to him,

  • The headphones will support active noise cancellation with up to 40dB reduction;
  • Battery life will last up to 34 hours when used with ANC enabled;
  • The charging case supports wireless Qi charging standard;
  • Nothing Ear(1) are expected in white color only while second-gen earbuds would come in two colors – black and white options available at launch date.  

iQOO Unveils Display Feature of Smartphone

iqoo smartphone display feature

(Image source:

iQOO recently announced its flagship smartphone which comes equipped with an interesting display feature – dubbed as “Extended RAM”. The idea behind Extended RAM is simple – it allows users to temporarily use extra storage space as additional memory by compressing data stored within it. This means apps load faster than usual since they’re running partially off solid-state storage instead of slower LPDDR4X DRAM modules typically found inside smartphones today. This unique innovation promises significant speed improvements without any noticeable lag or hiccups during regular usage, a major plus point for gamers who demand lightning-fast performance!

In conclusion, these advancements show how quickly technology moves forward bringing us innovative features & functionalities every day! Stay tuned for more insider news!.

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