Insights #2982: AirPods with health monitoring, Huawei returns to Kirin, and two new iQOO.

AirPods to track heart rate and other metrics; HUAWEI Enjoy 60 with Kirin chip; iQOO announced a smartphone with 6,000mAh battery.

AirPods will start tracking heart rate and other metrics

In the latest episode of Insights, it was revealed that Apple’s popular AirPods are about to become even more advanced. The wireless earbuds will soon be able to track a user’s heart rate and other health-related metrics.

This development is part of Apple’s push into the fitness-tracking market. By adding new features like this, they hope to make their products even more appealing to health-conscious consumers.

HUAWEI Enjoy 60 set to receive Kirin chip

Another topic covered in this episode involves HUAWEI’s upcoming smartphone release – the Enjoy 60. It has been confirmed that this device will come equipped with a Kirin chip.

The Kirin processor is known for its high performance capabilities, making it an excellent choice for powering smartphones that demand a lot from their hardware – such as those used for gaming or video editing purposes.

iQOO announces smartphone with 6000mAh battery capacity

Last but not least, iQOO has announced plans for an upcoming smartphone model featuring an impressive 6000mAh battery capacity. This should provide users with plenty of power throughout the day without needing frequent recharging breaks!

All in all, these developments show how technology continues advancing at breakneck speeds – offering us exciting new possibilities and opportunities every step along the way!