Insider: Apple developing HomePod speaker with built-in display.

Apple plans to expand its HomePod lineup with a model that has a built-in display, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple to Expand HomePod Lineup with Model Featuring Built-in Display, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

The authoritative analyst and insider Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is planning to expand its range of smart speakers, the HomePod. Thus, a model with a built-in display may join the base version and mini.

New Features in Upcoming Model:

  • Built-in display: The upcoming model will likely feature an integrated screen for displaying visual content alongside audio playback.
  • Larger size: It is expected that the new speaker will be larger than both previous models but smaller than Apple’s flagship smart speaker at 7 inches tall compared to 9 inches for the original HomePod.
  • Improved Siri integration: The updated Siri voice assistant on this new device should offer more advanced features and better accuracy when responding to user commands or inquiries.

This move by Apple comes as they face increased competition from Amazon’s Echo Show lineup which already offers similar capabilities. With this addition of a built-in screen, users can expect enhanced multimedia experiences such as watching videos or browsing photos on their smart speakers without needing additional devices like smartphones or tablets.

Pricing & Availability:

Kuo predicts that this new homepod model could launch sometime in early-to-mid-2022. As far as pricing goes we don’t have any concrete information yet but it’ll most likely cost somewhere between $300-$500 depending on features included (like whether there are multiple colors available).

In conclusion, while details about what exactly these improvements entail remain scarce so far given how competitive tech companies are becoming within their respective markets; however one thing remains certain – consumers always benefit from innovation!