Infinix extends smartphone discounts until end of March.

Infinix extends smartphone discount season until March 31, with savings up to 40% on various models.

Infinix announces extension of discounts on smartphones

Hello everyone! We have great news to share with you. Infinix, the popular smartphone brand, has announced that they are extending their discount season until March 31st. This means that customers can continue to enjoy amazing discounts on a variety of Infinix phone models.

Save up to 40%

The best part about this offer is that it applies to all different lines within the brand’s range. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a top-of-the-line device, there’s something for everyone in this sale.

And what kind of savings are we talking about? Well, according to Infinix themselves – users will be able save up to 40% off select devices!

Hurry while supplies last!

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your phone or simply want a good deal – now is definitely the time! Just remember: these deals won’t last forever and stock may run out quickly due high demand from buyers.. So if you see something catching your eye make sure not procrastinate decision-making before someone else snaps it up first.


All in all ,the extended discount period by Infinox offers its consumers an opportunity not only affordably upgrade but also test some new features available across various product ranges at discounted rates. So why wait any longer? Head over now and grab yourself one (or two) phones before stocks runs dry!

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