HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 will differ from other TWS earbuds [PHOTO].

Huawei will present multiple new gadgets next week, including FreeBuds 5 wireless earphones. A photo of the earphones has already surfaced online.

HUAWEI to Unveil New Gadgets at Upcoming Presentation

Next week, HUAWEI will hold a presentation where they are expected to introduce a plethora of new gadgets. Among them are the highly anticipated wireless earbuds, FreeBuds 5. A photo of these earbuds has already been leaked online.

What Can We Expect from HUAWEI’s Presentation?

HUAWEI is known for their innovative and cutting-edge technology, so it comes as no surprise that tech enthusiasts around the world eagerly await their presentations with anticipation. The upcoming presentation promises to be no different.

In addition to the FreeBuds 5 wireless earbuds mentioned above, we can expect other exciting releases such as smartphones and smartwatches equipped with advanced features like facial recognition software and improved battery life.

The Highly Anticipated FreeBuds 5 Wireless Earbuds

The latest addition in Huawei’s audio product line-up –the all-new Free Bids Pro -is expected soon after its launch last month. The design language appears similar but now there could be additional colour variants on offer alongside black & white colours which were available earlier. 

Free Bids Pro

  • Noise Cancellation: Active noise cancellation (ANC) up-to -40dB reducing unwanted background noise by detecting ambient sound using built-in microphones providing an immersive music experience without any distractions.
  • Battery Life: Battery life has also been significantly boosted compared to predecessor model, 13 hours playback time without ANC enabled & upto9 hours when ANC turned ON, a total of about 30 hrs while charging case included.
  • Sensors:- Infrared sensor integrated into both buds pauses music playback once removed from ears or when detects user isn’t wearing them anymore automatically resumes playback once putting back again.Built-in capacitive sensors on each bud allow users skip tracks,pause/play etc..


We cannot wait for this exciting event where we’ll see some groundbreaking technology unveiled by HUAWEI! Stay tuned for further updates regarding these new products!