Google unveils additional features for Pixel mobile devices.

Google’s first Pixel Feature Drop of the year brings camera upgrades and fall detection to Pixel smartphones and watches.

Pixel smartphones and Pixel Watch receive new features in first 2023 update

The first feature update of the year has just arrived on Pixel smartphones and its Pixel Watch smartwatch. On the program, the smartphone camera gains speed and inherits new editing functions while fall detection arrives on the Pixel Watch.

New Night Mode for Pixels 6 and 6 Pro

Google just unveiled the first Pixel Feature Drop of the year 2023. The rollout of this feature update, intended for both its Pixel smartphones and its Pixel Watch connected watch, has just begun and will be finalized in coming weeks. For starters, Google is taking advantage of this Pixel Feature Drop, giving Pixels 6 & 6 Pro access to night mode previously introduced last year with pixels7 &7Pro which makes it possible to capture photos more quickly using algorithms powered by Google Tensor chip equipped models.

Magic eraser now available for all Pixels

In addition, as a part of this pixel drop feature release exclusive tool -magic eraser- that was only available on latest pixels is now accessible across all other pixel devices allowing users an easy way to erase unnecessary objects from their pictures via google photos app recently deployed even outside Android ecosystem through iOS users subscribed under Google One plan.Check here!

New Health Connect Application

This newest firmware also introduces “Health connect” application that acts as single place where locally logged health data collected from various health applications can be managed easily along with granting permission control over these apps.With such integration comes ability keep track off installed applications collecting personal information restricting your privacy concerns keeping you up-to-date regarding them at one spot .

Fall Detection Functionality added plus Customization options !!!! 🎉🎉🎊💥💫✨⚡️🌟😍😍
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