Google Play Games: Android gaming service now available on PC.

Google Play Games, a service that allows Android games to be played on PC, is launching in the US and select markets. It requires minimal PC specifications and currently supports around 85 titles. Unlike Stadia, it does not rely on cloud gaming technology.

Google Play Games enters the USA and key markets

Already tested in certain Asian markets at the start of the year, Google Play Games is entering the USA and a few key markets (Brazil, Canada, etc.). Running your Android games on your PC, will this Steam-style service arrive in Europe?

A new gaming service from Google

After the failure and abandonment of Stadia, Google is not throwing in the towel in video games. And launches in United States ,Canada and few other countries its services “Google Play Games “. As indicated by “Play” it’s a vertical service backed by Android. This allows you to play your android game on pc.

New Markets for Launching Service

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The new project was announced last December 2021 . It had launched only been launched January 2022 with initial testing being done only South Korea,Taiwan,Thailand,Hong Kong,and Australia.Now it has expanded to many more countries like Mexico,Brazil,Malaysia,Singapore etc.This consists of PC launcher for Windows which allows continuing playing mobile game on PC thus enjoying greater comfort.

Limited Titles Available At The Moment

The word “some” is important here since not all titles are natively compatible.Whether it’s verifying graphics engine portability or peripheral support there’s work that needs to be done.To ensure games run smoothly.For time being we have content with few dozen titles(85 at time writing lines)validated by servicce.Google play Game has nothing common woth stadia so don’t rely upon cloud based platform instead relies upon power provided ny our system.