Google Pixel 8 Pro unveils fresh design for debut.

Leaked images of the Google Pixel 8 Pro show a slightly revised design with an oval camera module and a flat screen. The device may also feature improved facial recognition technology, a new chip based on Samsung’s Exynos 2300 SoC, and better camera sensors with “Staggered HDR” technology for improved photo rendering.

First Look at Google Pixel 8 Pro

Two months before the Google I/O 2023 event to be held on May 10, we have a first glimpse of what the Pixel 8 Pro, the brand’s next high-end smartphone, should look like. It’s still a times OnLeaks, in collaboration with the retailer Smartprix.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

3D rendering of the Google Pixel 8 Pro – © OneLeaks and Smartprix

The images as well as the 3D rendering that have been shared give a good overview of the design of this device. Without revolutionizing its visual identity for smartphones – The bar that houses all camera modules on back could slightly revise what makes distinctive point for their phones: where pixel7 pro had third module separated from other two pixels bringing them together in an oval format and additional sensor located under LED flash which is impossible to know if it dedicated depth or macro photography.

We observe more rounded corners displayed by this rendering compared to angular ones used previously. This would affect screen diagonal dimensions according to source measuring about six-and-a-half inches long while being less than one centimeter thick excluding camera block thicknesses up-to twelve millimeters may occur depending upon phone model chosen (Pixel or non-Pixel).

New Facial Recognition System Similar To Apple’s Face ID?

The new facial recognition system uses three-dimensional mapping technology similar to Apple’s Face ID with increased security features such as those found within Wallet payment systems offered through applications like PayPal Plus Credit Card Reader however users will need PINs when using these methods due mostly by users’ reluctance towards biometric data breaches hence why developers are continually improving existing hardware/software technologies available nowdays so they can provide better protection against unauthorized access attempts made online without compromising personal information stored locally/on cloud storage servers etc.

Samsung Exynos Chipset And Improved Camera Sensors For Better Photography Experience:

In addition, there could also be integration “Staggered HDR” technology which captures three exposures at once merging them into one image providing better contrast exposure resulting in even more impressive photo quality overall increasing performance capabilities both front/back-facing cameras making photoshoots easier smoother experience!

  • New chip: Although it is an open secret yet but expectedly likely integrate new chip called Tensor G3 based off Samsung Exynos SoC engraved onto smaller scale nanometer(ie; nm) thereby reducing power consumption levels significantly leading improved battery life efficiency both during idle mode active use scenarios alike!

“This partnership was successful last year ,with critical success noted over many devices including google pixel series.”

Source: Smart Prix Online Store & Magazine .