Google Photos could soon ‘deblur’ videos with new feature.

Google Photos may soon offer a “Video Unblur” feature, according to findings by 9to5Google. The tool is believed to be at an early stage of development and could be exclusive to future Pixel smartphones. Google also plans new effects and filters for videos in its photo editing tools, but these are not yet functional.

Google Photos May Soon Offer “Video Unblur” Functionality

Google Photos may soon introduce a new feature to “deblur” videos, according to 9to5Google. The tech website has discovered several interesting developments in the upcoming version of Google Photos after decompiling its APK. Similar to the Photo Unblur function available on Pixel 7 smartphones, Google could potentially offer a similar functionality for video unblurring.

A “Video Unblur” function intended for Pixel 8 only?

In recent years, Google has released new features exclusively for its own range of smartphones known as Pixels. For example, with the release of Pixel 7 came integrated photo unblurring capabilities on Google Photos which allow users to sharpen their images even if they were captured using other devices besides Pixels themselves. When Pixel 6 was launched last year it introduced magic eraser tool that enables easy removal unwanted elements from an image and until recently this too remained exclusive only available via pixels but now all users have access provided they subscribe one service called google one.

If rumors are true about adding video-unblocking capabilities into future versions of their app then there is no doubt that these will be limited again solely towards pixel devices like past updates before them – specifically expected within next generation models such as those listed below:

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In addition to Video-Unblocking tools mentioned above there will be some additional effects and filters added by developers at google photos team though not functional yet.

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9to5Google ,

 16 March 2023, 

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