Google Replaces Google Play Movies & TV with New Shop Tab

After a decade of service, Google is set to retire the Google Play Movies & TV app on Android TV, transitioning its functionalities into a new feature called the “Shop” tab. The change is set to simplify the movie and TV show purchasing process, consolidating libraries and making them more accessible.

The Evolution of Google’s Movie and TV Platforms

Since its inception in 2011, Google Play Movies & TV has been a dependable platform for users to rent or purchase movies and TV shows and maintain a library of these. Synchronization across different Google platforms like YouTube was one of its prominent features. However, the sun began to set on Google Play Movies in 2020 when Google TV made its debut. Google TV didn’t include the Play Movies app but relied on a “Library” tab for users to access their purchases. This change signaled the service’s eventual discontinuation, as Google TV was later introduced to Android and iOS phones. In 2021, the app was removed from Roku and other smart TV platforms, with users directed to YouTube for their content.

The Advent of the Shop Tab

Google is now replacing the remaining vestiges of Google Play Movies & TV on Android TV with a new “Shop” tab. This tab is designed to facilitate the exploration, rental, and purchase of movies directly on Android TV. The Shop tab and integrating purchases into the home screen will also host a library section. This section will gather all the videos purchased via the user’s Google account, including those bought from YouTube, other Google TV and Android TV devices, and the Google TV mobile app. As such, the Shop tab will simplify the user experience amid the growing fragmentation of streaming services.

Rollout and Availability

The rollout of the Shop tab starts in the US and is set to expand globally over the next few weeks. This update is specific to Android TV, not the newer Google TV software that runs on the latest Chromecasts, recent TVs, and streamers like the Walmart Onn 4K box. Despite the shift, users can still access the Play Movies app, although its future remains uncertain. The Shop tab will be available in 24 countries upon completion of the rollout.

Further Developments

Google also recently announced the alpha release of Compose for TV. This latest UI framework is designed to assist developers in creating more functional and visually appealing apps for Android TV, using less code and an intuitive user interface. In a statement, Google revealed that the Android TV OS now boasts over 150 million monthly active devices worldwide and that, according to Strategy Analytics, the Android TV streaming platform shipped on more devices worldwide than any other streaming TV platform in 2022.

Increasing Free Content

Further boosting its appeal, Google TV announced partnerships with Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News in April to offer over 800 live channels for free. With the advent of the Shop tab and the introduction of these live channels, Google TV is positioning itself as a major player in the realm of free ad-supported live TV streaming.

The Future of Streaming Services

As consumers’ viewing habits continue to shift toward digital platforms, the market for streaming services has become increasingly competitive. The addition of the Shop tab in Android TV and Google TV’s partnerships with Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News signifies Google’s commitment to keeping pace with this fast-evolving landscape.

Free Ad-Supported Content

The trend toward free ad-supported content is a growing one. Such a model helps to bridge the gap between paid subscription services and traditional broadcasting by offering a wide range of content without adding to the viewer’s financial burden. By incorporating more than 800 live channels for free, Google TV is not only expanding its content offerings but also giving users more flexibility in how they consume media.

User Convenience

The consolidation of Google’s various purchase points into a single Shop tab adds a layer of convenience for users. Being able to browse, rent, or buy movies and shows and view previously purchased content from one location reduces the need for toggling between different apps and services. It’s a move that reflects Google’s understanding of the importance of user experience in the crowded streaming market.


Google’s recent advancements and collaborations signal its commitment to maintaining its position in the world of digital media and entertainment. The new Shop tab, Compose for TV for developers, and partnership with free, ad-supported content providers all point towards a strategy that prioritizes user convenience, accessibility, and a broad array of content. However, only time will tell how these changes will resonate with users and impact Google’s foothold in the competitive streaming landscape. The goal, undoubtedly, is to offer a comprehensive, user-friendly service that meets the diverse entertainment needs of today’s digital consumers as the era of Google Play Movies & TV comes to an end.

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