Google discontinues Glasses, marking end of an era.

Google has shut down all sales and product support for its Google Glass, including the Enterprise Edition, effective immediately.

Google Glass: A Controversial Journey

The Launch of Google Glass

In 2013, Google launched its glasses, known as Google Glass. The product was released first to a limited number of consumers in the United States in April 2013 and later to the general public about a year after.

The Features & Controversies Surrounding It

These glasses showed information to users through head-up displays and communicated with the internet via voice commands. However, they stirred up controversy regarding privacy and safety issues so much that some stores even put up signs prohibiting their use on store premises.

Enterprise Versions Launched

A year later after launching consumer versions of these smart eyewear products disappeared from shelves completely – instead came the launch of the more robust “Google Glass Enterprise Edition” during summer 2017. 

Another version called “Google Glass Enterprise Edition Two”, followed suit during May last year.

Closure Announcement Made by Alphabet Inc.’s X Development Unit

Now comes news that everything related to this controversial product is being shut down entirely. Sales have stopped immediately while all support for existing customers will end come September this same year.

It remains uncertain whether work done on an AR headset prototype showcased last year also falls under closure plans. … 

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