Gmail to write emails automatically in near future.

Google is deploying new AI-based features in its Workspace office suite, including automated email and document writing. The features will initially be available to trusted users before being rolled out more widely. Google’s generative AI will also allow users to create automatically generated images, audio and video in Slides presentations, take notes during Google Meet calls and write emails or documents with the help of a support module that generates draft text based on user input.

Google announces new AI-powered features for Workspace

Google has just announced the upcoming deployment of new AI-based features in the various tools of its Workspace office suite. The Mountain View giant intends to make a place for itself in generative AI and is set to offer users of its Workspace office suite, tools that will allow them to “create, connect and collaborate like never before”.

Gmail & Google Docs get writing assistance with Generative AI

The first Google Workspace tools that will benefit from new writing functions using Google’s generative AI will be Gmail and Docs. Thanks to this integration, it’ll be possible to write, answer, summarize and organize your Gmail or proofread documents on Google Docs.

New Features coming soon:

  • Gmail Smart Compose already allows you autocomplete sentences you write.
  • Messaging also includes a Smart Reply function which automatically suggests responses.
  • GenerativeAI can help adopt tone when replying message,

If struggling with inspiration while starting document-writing or email-creation? According to sources provided by google they won’t leave blank pages instead modules generated by Ai takes form as box-on-GMail-as-on-Google-Docs module would simply ask what user wants text about then generate draft text according their need.
If full confidence given over-to-AI one could click “I’m lucky” button similar search engine lets Ai manage users’ reply completely. 

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