GameSquare’s Strategic Acquisition of FaZe Clan

GameSquare’s announcement on October 20th regarding its definitive all-stock agreement to acquire the renowned esports team FaZe Clan marks a pivotal moment in the history of both entities. This transaction provides a promising step forward, capitalizing on the inherent strengths and resources of both firms.

Main Highlights:

  • GameSquare, already owner of Complexity Gaming and Code Red Esports, is set to bolster its holdings with FaZe Clan’s acquisition.
  • Founding members of FaZe Clan are returning to leadership roles, promising a renewed vision for the brand.
  • The merger values FaZe Clan at approximately $16 million, as of the announcement date.
  • The annual combined revenue of both firms touched around $138 million in 2022.
  • Closure of the deal is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2023, subject to shareholder approval.
  • Upon completion, GameSquare shareholders will own approximately 55%, while FaZe Clan shareholders will own around 45% of the merged entity.

The FaZe Clan Saga: From Rise to Redemption

FaZe Clan’s turbulent billion-dollar journey took a significant turn when GameSquare showed interest. Initially valued at $400 million in May prior to its public listing, FaZe Clan encountered a series of setbacks:

  • Accusations of sexism and homophobia damaged its reputation.
  • Its share price plummeted from an August 2022 high of $24.69 to a mere $0.18.
  • Approximately 40% of its staff was laid off in May.
  • CEO Lee Trink’s departure in September further stirred the waters.

Yet, despite these challenges, FaZe Clan’s massive following of 260 million across social platforms reinforces its enduring value in the esports landscape. This massive audience pull positions FaZe Clan as an attractive acquisition target, irrespective of its recent controversies.

GameSquare’s Vision and Leadership

Recognizing the potential and intrinsic value of FaZe Clan, GameSquare’s CEO Justin Kenna expressed confidence in the acquisition. According to Kenna, FaZe Clan is arguably the only truly globally recognized brand in gaming, bringing forth a massive audience and unparalleled opportunities. The merger decision wasn’t solely based on numbers. GameSquare exhibited belief in FaZe Clan’s founding members, reinstating them in leadership roles:

  • Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengtson as CEO
  • Thomas “FaZe Temperrr” Oliveira as President
  • Yousef “FaZe Apex” Abdelfattah as COO

Their return signifies a shift towards FaZe Clan’s original vision. Kenna, who served as FaZe Clan’s CFO between 2018 and 2020, further strengthened the leadership by bringing back other former executives.

FaZe Clan’s Strategic Reorientation

One of the primary criticisms in recent years was the absence of the founding members from leadership roles. With the founders back at the helm, there’s a renewed sense of purpose and direction. As CEO, Banks emphasized, “We grew up on the internet and understand this brand better than anyone ever could. We’re going to produce first, talk later.” Furthermore, with GameSquare’s acquisition, FaZe Clan can leverage GameSquare’s expansive infrastructure and resources, marking a strategic reorientation. The merger is expected to save around $18 million by reducing corporate costs and driving organization-wide efficiencies.

The Esports Landscape Post-Merger

As industry insiders and fans alike eagerly anticipate the merger’s outcome, many speculate on its potential ripple effect across the esports sector.

The Rebirth of FaZe Clan

This acquisition is likely to serve as a rebirth for FaZe Clan, bringing the potential to reclaim its reputation and strengthen its brand identity. With the original founding members back in leadership roles, the team is poised to recalibrate its vision, emphasizing community building, and content innovation.

GameSquare’s Dominance

The acquisition cements GameSquare’s position as a dominant player in the esports arena. Owning multiple renowned entities like Complexity Gaming and now FaZe Clan gives the conglomerate a strategic edge, expanding its outreach and audience engagement capabilities.


The merger between GameSquare and FaZe Clan represents a blend of history, brand value, and strategic alignment. While FaZe Clan faced tumultuous times recently, its acquisition by GameSquare may signify the beginning of a new era, driven by shared values, and innovative leadership.

Source: DigiDay

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