Edifier QD35: Hi-Res Bluetooth speaker with unique design.

Edifier’s audio brand launched wireless speaker QD35 with a unique design, transparent front panel, and advanced technology for improved sound quality.

Edifier introduces its new wireless speaker QD35

Audio brand Edifier has unveiled its latest product, the QD35 wireless speaker. The device comes in a unique casing with a clear front panel and bright backlighting, as well as supporting various technologies to enhance audio quality.

Sleek design meets functionality

The QD35 is designed to stand out from other speakers on the market. Its transparent front panel not only adds an extra layer of visual appeal but also allows users to see inside the device and appreciate its inner workings. The sleek black casing complements any decor style while providing durability for long-lasting use.

Cutting-edge technology for superior sound quality

In addition to being visually striking, the QD35 packs some powerful features under-the-hood that make it an excellent choice for audiophiles or anyone looking for high-quality sound reproduction:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity: Enjoy seamless streaming without worrying about cables or wires getting tangled up.
  • Dual dynamic drivers: With two built-in drivers working together in unison, this speaker delivers crystal-clear highs and deep bass tones that will fill your room with rich soundscape.

A perfect fit anywhere you need great-sounding music!

The compact size of this portable powerhouse makes it easy-to-carry around with you wherever you go! Whether at home watching movies on TV screen; hanging outdoors enjoying nature’s beauty; cooking dinner at kitchen counter – there’s no limit how versatile this little gem can be!

So if you’re looking add some excitement into your life through listening better sounding tunes then look no further than Edifier’s newest member –the amazingQd-35 Bluetooth Speaker!

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