Dynatron water cooling combo for server optimization.

Dynatron introduces L35, a compact water cooling solution designed for 2U high or larger servers with up to 250 watts TDP.

Dynatron introduces L35 compact water cooling for servers

Dynatron has expanded its portfolio with a new solution designed for 2U high or larger servers, which can be used up to 250 watts TDP. The product is named L35 and it features purposeful simplicity.


The solution can be installed on Intel LGA115x, LGA1366, LGA1700, LGA2011,
LGA2066 and AMD Socket FM1, FM2+, AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4 and AM5 sockets.

Air stirrers specifications

The radiator is served by three 80mm double ball-bearing air stirrers whose three-stage speed control peaks at 8,000 rpm. The blades rotating in the frames have an airflow of:

  • 35.52 cfm at 2400 rpm (1.39 mmH20 static pressure)
  • 67.24 cfm at 4800 rpm (5.97 mmH20 static pressure)
  • 115 .61 cfm at8000rpm(34 .06mm H20staticpressure).

Noise levels are rated as follows:

  • -25 .63 dBat2400rpm,
  • -47 .85dBat480Orpm,and ,
  • -64-40 dB when running themaximum speedof800Orpm.
     The consumption of the wind machines ranges from low-to-moderate speedswith onlya maximum power consumptionof24~72wattswhenrunningathigh-speeds.

    L35 dimensions & pump details

    This product comes equipped with EPDM tubing that measures300mma lengthand has a width/depth dimensionsof64.Sbythe copper base blockis23mminheight.The contact surfacesare coatedwith Shin-Etsu series thermal paste.A separate pump installed on the edge of theradiatorcan moveup to29litresper minute buttherehave been some questions aboutits construction quality.< / p >

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