Duolingo teaches languages using GPT-4 technology.

Duolingo offers new AI-based language teaching methods, including role-playing and Explain my Answer features as part of a subscription.

Duolingo Introduces New AI-Powered Language Learning Features with Duolingo Max

The language learning app, Duolingo, has introduced two new features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for its users in the United States. The features are available exclusively through a subscription called “Duolingo Max” and aim to help users learn Spanish and French more effectively.

Role-Playing Feature:
One of the new features is called “role-playing,” which allows learners to practice conversational skills with an AI partner. By role-playing different scenarios together, students can improve their communication abilities in real-life situations.

Explain My Answer Feature:
The second feature is known as “Explain my Answer.” This tool aims to explain grammar rules when mistakes occur during exercises or quizzes. Students can receive immediate feedback from an AI tutor rather than waiting for a human teacher’s response.

Availability & Cost:
Currently only available on iOS devices in the US market that want to learn Spanish and French at $30 per month or $168 annually.

Overall, these newly launched tools offer exciting opportunities for learners who seek personalized guidance while improving their fluency level using cutting-edge technology like GPT-4 that was recently presented by OpenAI company behind ChatGPT.AI