Disney’s Speedstorm set to release early next month.

Disney Speedstorm, a free-to-play competition game featuring Disney/Pixar characters, will have an early access release on April 18.

Disney Speedstorm: A Highly Anticipated Game

Last February, the announcement was made about Disney Speedstorm, a free-to-play competition game featuring some of Disney/Pixar’s most popular characters. Originally set for release last year, the launch date has been postponed to 2023 with no specific date yet announced. However, it has recently been revealed that early access versions will be available soon.

The Premise

In this racing game extravaganza players get to choose their favorite character from a range of beloved animated classics and compete in high-speed races across different tracks and environments – all inspired by iconic locations featured in these movies.

The Platforms It Will Be Available On

Disney Speedstorm is scheduled for release on multiple platforms including PC (Personal Computer), PlayStation 4 &5 , Xbox One & Series X/S as well as Nintendo Switch sometime within this year itself!

Early Access Versions Start April 18th!

Fans are eagerly waiting for its arrival since it features such endearing characters like Lightning McQueen from Cars or Toy Story’s Woody who’ve won hearts over generations and have become household names around the world!

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