Digma DM-MONG2740 Review: A Treat for Gamer’s Eyes?

Gamers have higher requirements for monitors than office workers due to the multitude of factors affecting success in games.

Requirements for Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors have more serious requirements than office ones, because success in a match depends on too many factors and gamers are picky people. Therefore, the model should please with a fast matrix, an abundance of …

In order to ensure maximum immersion in the game process and gain an advantage over opponents, it is important to choose not just any monitor but specifically one that is designed for gaming.

Response Time

The most important characteristic of such devices is response time. The lower this parameter – the better: less time will pass from clicking on the mouse button or pressing keys to displaying these actions on screen.

Refresh Rate

The second key parameter that affects game performance is refresh rate (the number of image updates per second). For competitive games like Dota 2 or CS:GO you need at least 144 Hz frequency so players can quickly respond to what’s happening during matches.

Resolution & Screen Size

  • A resolution should be high enough so details remain visible even when zooming into small objects.
  • You also want larger screens (upwards from 27 inches) as they provide bigger viewing angles which makes it easier spotting enemies in FPS titles.

    Finally we recommend purchasing a monitor with FreeSync technology if compatible as this reduces visual tearing by syncing your graphics card output and display device timing together seamlessly giving smoother motion overall without delay between frames being displayed making gameplay much more enjoyable!