Did UK Government Leak Details of New Nintendo Switch?

An official document from the UK Competition Authority has revived rumors about Nintendo’s next console, which may replace the Switch. The document hints at a continuation of Nintendo Account and its added services on a “next game system.” However, it is unclear whether this refers to a new console or classic online games arriving on smartphones or PCs.

Nintendo’s Next Console: Rumors Revived by UK Competition Authority Document

Six years after its launch, Nintendo is extremely discreet about the console that will replace the Switch. Today, an official document from the British government has revived rumors about him.

The document in question, which comes from the UK Competition Authority (CMA), deals with the proposed merger between Microsoft and Activision. Among the 43 pages of appendixes, we find an extract which specifies that “the Nintendo Switch Online is only available on the Nintendo Switch and [text cut]”.

In this appendix, there is a lot of cut text represented by a small scissor icon that replaces confidential information and other internal company documents. This has relaunched rumors around Nintendo’s future game console replacement for their popular Switch.

However, it wasn’t just what was hidden but rather ‘and’ preceding it causing reactions among fans as currently; The online gaming platform ‘Nintendo switch online’ can be played exclusively on existing consoles so why would they include such wording? This could very well hint at their next game system which cannot yet be revealed in regulatory files like CMA’s report.

Continuity Clues From Previous Reports

This isn’t new news though – In 2020 Big N already shared continuity plans in slides addressed to investors stating current account services including value-added features such as “Nintendo switch online” will continue through growth into “next-gen systems” launching sometime during “20XX.”

Rumours About A New Model Of Console – ‘Switch Pro’:

Ahead of potential arrival rumours ran rampant across social media platforms worldwide speculating whether or not a “Switch Pro” model was arriving soon – However according to sources these were simply canceled leaving many avid gamers waiting anxiously for further announcements.

Potential Alternative Services?

The mentioned reference however does not specifically mention another gaming device making some believe it might refer to classic games being made available via smartphones or PCs introducing alternative markets whilst combating ROM download sites rivaling against them.

After Xbox Game Pass alongside PlayStation exclusives released onto PC over recent months maybe now more than ever before competitors are positioning themselves within each others’ territories paving way for various opportunities!

About The Current System:

Launched back on March 2nd ,2017 marking almost six years since release time period required transitioning away from Wii U successor moving towards modern-day success reaching heights greater than even DS experience! Company remains cautious navigating new developments looking forward eager anticipation hearing when consumers can expect latest technology releases!.

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