Apple Introduces Developer Support for Vision Pro and Announces ‘Meet with App Store Experts’ Events

Apple has recently announced that developers can now apply for the Vision Pro headset development kit via the company’s website. The kit includes the Vision Pro headset, assistance with device setup, code-level support, and regular “check-ins” with Apple experts regarding the design and development of an app for visionOS.

Application Process and Device Security

To be eligible, Apple insists that applicants must be Account Holders in the Apple Developer Program, and they should specify their team’s development skills and existing apps. Apple’s Vision Pro will reportedly prioritize those who are crafting apps that leverage visionOS features and capabilities. This might exclude entities like Netflix, which is purportedly intending to deliver an unmodified iPad app on the Vision Pro upon its release. In terms of device security, applicants who receive the dev kit are expected to keep the device completely out of sight and securely locked away from everyone else at all times. They must ensure that unauthorized individuals, including any family, friends, or household employees, do not access, view, or handle the Vision Pro development kit.

Vision Pro Developer Labs and Compatibility Checklist

Alongside the dev kit initiative, Apple is also organizing Vision Pro developer labs in various cities including Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. The company has released a compatibility checklist to assist developers in making their app ready for visionOS. It also aims to simplify the process of porting iOS and iPadOS apps to the Vision Pro headset, which will automatically happen without any alterations required from developers.

‘Meet with App Store Experts’ Events

As part of their continued developer support, Apple also revealed a new series of events called “Meet with App Store experts.” Scheduled to take place throughout August, the company will facilitate online and in-person sessions, providing a platform for developers working with Apple platforms to learn more about App Store features and functionalities.

Insights from Apple’s Experts

Developers attending these sessions will gain insights into how to effectively promote their apps on the App Store. The topics covered will range from App Store pricing upgrades, app discoverability, and marketing, optimizing subscriptions, App Analytics, and Game Center, to in-app events.

Additional Focus on Vision Pro

Apart from the App Store-related sessions, Apple will also host in-person labs to share further details about the upcoming Vision Pro. These labs will provide developers an opportunity to test their apps on a real device before its official launch in 2024. The labs will be conducted in Cupertino, London, Singapore, Munich, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Developers interested in attending these events can apply through the Apple Developer website. The events will commence on July 31 and conclude on August 24.

Vision Pro’s Implication for App Developers

Apple’s Vision Pro is set to launch next year, and the company needs third-party apps to be ready for the headset’s debut. However, with most developers still not having access to the headset, Apple has opened up multiple ways for app developers to begin testing their apps on Vision Pro hardware well before its public launch.

Vision Pro Development Kit

Developers applying for the Vision Pro development kit will be sent the actual Vision Pro hardware on loan. They’ll receive help setting it up, regular check-ins with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance, and two code-level support requests.

Vision Pro Simulator in Xcode

Apple has made it possible to work on visionOS apps in a virtual 3D space navigable with keyboard and mouse or trackpad controls, thanks to a beta release of Xcode with support for visionOS. This is expected to help developers refine their apps for visionOS and create new ones. For more detailed information, you can check out the full schedule of the ‘Meet with App Store experts’ events on the Apple Developer website.

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