“Dell unveils gaming monitor with 500Hz refresh rate.”

Dell’s new gaming monitor, the Alienware AW2524H, is noteworthy for its impressive refresh rate at CES 2023.

Alienware AW2524H: An Impressive Gaming Monitor at CES 2023

Dell showcased several new products at the CES 2023, but one that stood out was the Alienware AW2524H gaming monitor. Its most notable feature is its impressive refresh rate, making it a must-have for serious gamers.

Impressive Refresh Rate

The Alienware AW2524H boasts a refresh rate of up to 360Hz, which means it can display up to 360 frames per second. This makes gameplay smoother and more fluid than ever before. With such high refresh rates, gamers can react faster and stay ahead of their opponents.

Other Features

In addition to its impressive refresh rate, the Alienware AW2524H also has other features that make it an excellent choice for gamers:

  • A resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels ensures crisp visuals while playing games or watching movies.
  • The monitor’s response time is just one millisecond which helps minimize motion blur in fast-paced scenes during gameplay
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  • G-Sync technology ensures smooth graphics with compatible NVIDIA graphics cards by syncing frame rates between the monitor and GPU .

  • This gaming monitor also comes with customizable lighting options so you can create your own unique look while playing your favorite games.

    Overall ,the Dell company did not disappoint attendees at this year’s CES event as they introduced innovative devices like this top-notch gaming device – The AlienwareAW52524!