Claude: ChatGPT’s new competitor in town.

Anthropic has released a new chatbot called Claude, which aims to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, thanks to Google’s financial support. It can answer questions and converse like a human but is less likely to produce harmful responses and easier to adjust. However, it still has some limitations in programming and mathematics compared to ChatGPT.

A new alternative to ChatGPT: Meet Claude

Anthropican American start-up specializing in artificial intelligence, has just lifted the veil on Claude, an alternative to the now famous ChatGPT. The chatbot is able to answer questions, code and summarize documents by imitating a human being. According to Anthropic, Claude stands out from its illustrious competitor thanks also due financial support of Google.

What makes it different?

Claude is very similar in interface design with OpenAI’s ChatGPT but according to “its first clients” it produces less harmful responses than its rival and it would be easier for users communicate with this AI assistant.

Easily adjustable personality

Claude’s personality can change depending on user needs which promises automatic adjustments. We know that like his rival he is programmed not assist humans engage in illegal or unethical activities as well as avoiding model drifts such as sexist or racist comments. 

Limitations of Claude

The conversational robot still requires improvement since during testing phase some testers were able convince the AI ​​to explain how produce methamphetamine. Moreover, Claude would be less effective in programming and mathematics compared to its competitor – ChatGPT.

In conclusion,
We have seen that unlike Bing search engine which allows Promethean Personality adjustment system based upon requests made by internet users who use Microsoft services at their disposal,Claud A.I.’s automated adjustment feature enables users more easily adjust personality traits without requiring any complex request making thereby providing better user experience while ensuring safety measures are taken against illicit activities.

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