China unveils new Radeon RX 6300 VGA for desktops.

An online marketplace in China is listing a desktop Radeon RX 6300 VGA, with some users speculating on its features and performance.

AMD Radeon RX 6300 Desktop VGA Spotted on Chinese Online Marketplace

Last year, there were rumors about the arrival of AMD’s desktop Radeon RX 6300 VGA, but it was never formally confirmed by the company. However, a user named HXL on Twitter found such a device listed for sale on Goofish, an online second-hand marketplace based in China.

This is not surprising because Goofish often lists all kinds of engineering samples. Although no official specifications are given for this particular product, some hardware enthusiasts have managed to discover its most important features.

The Specifications

According to these investigations:

  • The half-height Navi 24 model has a clock speed of 1512 MHz which is identical to that of the mobile RX 6300M chip.
  • The card comes with only two GB GDDR6 VRAM working with a limited bus (32-bit).
  • However, despite this limitation and due to an effective memory clock rate of up to16 GHz- higher than even that offered by desktop Radeon RX6400-the low-end drop delivers only64GB/s bandwidth.

In addition:

  • The card boastsa16 MB Infinity Cacheand benefits from fourPCI Express4.01anesfor connectivity.

Pricing Details

The seller offers absolute entry-level performance at399 yuan(approximatelyHUF21 ,300at current exchange rates).

This graphics card consumes just32 watts instead off25 wattslike its relative intended specifically for notebooks.

Two HDMI outputs(maximum version i.e., HDMI v2 .1)are stationedonthe back panel.

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