Apple’s Official Guidelines for Identifying Authentic and Certified Apple Watch Chargers

In a recent series of support documents, Apple has emphasized the importance of using certified chargers for Apple Watches. The tech giant has warned against the usage of non-certified chargers, outlining the potential risks and providing guidance on how to identify genuine Apple or certified third-party chargers.

Why Avoid Non-Certified Apple Watch Chargers?

  • Risk of Slow Charging: Using counterfeit or uncertified chargers can result in slower charging times.
  • Repeated Chimes: There’s a possibility of encountering repeated chimes during charging with non-certified chargers.
  • Reduced Battery Lifespan: The use of uncertified chargers could adversely affect the battery’s lifespan.

Identifying Authentic Apple Watch Chargers

Apple outlines specific characteristics to help customers identify authentic chargers:

  • Color and Design: Genuine Apple Watch chargers are typically white. Chargers not made or certified by Apple may have different colors, texts, or designs on the charging connector.
  • Model Numbers: Authentic chargers will have one of the following model numbers: A1570, A1598, A1647, A1714, A1768, A1923, A2055, A2056, A2086, A2255, A2256, A2257, A2458, A2515, A2652, and A2879.
  • Manufacturer Verification: When connected to a Mac, genuine Apple chargers will list ‘Apple Inc.’ as the manufacturer. To verify, connect the Apple Watch charging cable to your Mac, select Apple menu > System Settings, click General, then About > System Report > USB, and select the watch charger.

Using Certified Third-Party Chargers

For customers preferring third-party products, Apple advises the following:

  • MFi Certification: Ensure the charger has Made for iPhone (MFi) certification, signified by the ‘Made for Apple Watch’ badge.
  • Online Verification: Verify the certification by searching for the charger in Apple’s public database of MFi accessories. Click here to access Apple’s MFi certification database.

Extended Impacts of Using Non-Certified Chargers

The use of uncertified chargers goes beyond slow charging and battery issues. It can also lead to:

  • Safety Risks: Non-certified chargers may not adhere to the safety standards that Apple implements. This could lead to overheating, electrical malfunctions, or even fires.
  • Warranty Concerns: Using a non-certified charger can void the warranty of the Apple Watch, leaving users without support in the event of device malfunctions.
  • Compatibility Issues: Certified chargers are designed to be fully compatible with Apple Watch’s hardware. Non-certified chargers might not support all features or could cause compatibility issues with future software updates.

How Apple Assists in Charger Verification

To assist customers in verifying the authenticity of their chargers, Apple provides detailed steps and resources:

  • Visual Inspection: Apple’s support document includes images of genuine Apple Watch chargers and highlights the distinctive features that set them apart from counterfeit ones.
  • Model Number Verification: Customers can check the model number on their charger against the list provided by Apple to ensure authenticity.
  • Online Resources: Apple’s website includes a database where customers can search for MFi-certified accessories by model number, brand, or UPC/EAN code.

Summary and Recommendations

  • Apple Watch owners are advised to use either Apple-made chargers or those certified by Apple.
  • To avoid potential charging issues and maintain the longevity of their device’s battery, customers should follow Apple’s guidelines for identifying authentic and certified chargers.
  • When in doubt, consult Apple’s support documents or use their online database to confirm the authenticity of a charger.

In conclusion, adhering to Apple’s guidelines and using certified chargers is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of Apple Watches. This ensures users enjoy the full benefits of their device without risking damage or reduced functionality due to uncertified accessories. 

Apple advises its customers to learn about the dangers of using chargers that aren’t certified. It’s important to check if your accessories are real. This way, you can keep your Apple tech safe and make sure your Apple Watch works its best. Click here to learn more

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