Boult Curve ANC headphones with noise cancelling and 40-hour battery for $15.

Indian company Boult announced wireless earbuds Curve ANC with active noise cancellation technology.

Indian company Boult announces wireless headphones with active noise cancellation

Boult, an Indian company specializing in wearable electronics, has announced the release of its Curve ANC wireless earbuds. As the name suggests, these earphones feature active noise cancellation technology.

The Curve ANC is designed to reduce ambient background noise by up to 25 decibels. This means that users can enjoy their music or podcasts without being disturbed by external sounds such as traffic or conversations around them.

Features and specifications

  • The earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for seamless pairing with smartphones and other devices.
  • They have a battery life of up to eight hours on a single charge; this can be extended up to 24 hours using the charging case included in the package.
  • In addition to active noise cancellation, they also feature built-in microphones for hands-free calling and voice assistant control (compatible with Siri and Google Assistant).
  • Their compact design makes them easy to carry around while traveling or working out at the gym; they are sweat-resistant too!

Boult’s Curve ANC is available now on leading e-commerce platforms across India at INR5499 ($75).

User feedback so far:

“I am blown away by how well these headphones work! The sound quality is excellent even when I’m walking down busy streets.”

“The battery life exceeded my expectations – I was able to use it all day long without having any issues.”

“It fits comfortably inside my ears thanks due its unique shape.”