BMW’s Digital Shift: In-Car Entertainment and AI Enhancements at CES 2024

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show was a major event for BMW, as they showcased their latest car tech innovations. They focused on enhancing the digital experience for both drivers and passengers, introducing some impressive new gadgets. Imagine augmented reality (AR) and highly intelligent voice assistants powered by AI. These additions are revolutionizing the car’s interior environment.

In-Car Gaming and Entertainment

A key highlight at CES was BMW’s expansion of in-car gaming and entertainment. The new BMW 5 Series debuts the AirConsole gaming platform, enabling passengers to play games using their smartphones as controllers. This feature, part of BMW’s Operating System 9, offers split-screen play and a variety of third-party titles, including Beach Buggy Racing 2.

  • Gaming on the Go: Accessible through the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, the AirConsole platform is available in models running BMW’s Operating System 9. It supports both single-player and multiplayer modes, with options for rear passengers in certain models like the BMW i7.
  • Subscription Model: These features, however, come at a cost. BMW’s Digital Premium subscription is required to unlock these gaming and entertainment options. This package also includes the car’s navigation system and various other digital services.

Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

BMW’s shift towards a more interactive and immersive driving experience is evident in its implementation of AR and AI technologies.

  • Augmented Reality: BMW rolls out AR glasses that work with its vehicles. They show you where to go and alert you to dangers on the road. These glasses are part of BMW’s plan to blend digital data smoothly into the real-world driving experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence: BMW is beefing up its Intelligent Personal Assistant by tapping into Amazon’s Alexa. The smart assistant is getting more conversational, responding like a human, and letting drivers command their car’s features.

Streamlining Video Streaming and Remote-Controlled Parking

BMW is not just stopping at gaming; the company is also expanding its video streaming capabilities and introducing autonomous parking features.

  • Video Streaming: Updates to the in-car video app will bring more on-demand and live-streaming options. Models like the BMW i7 will include Amazon Fire TV, and the company is integrating the DTS AutoStage Video Service for an extensive media library.
  • Autonomous Parking: BMW is also innovating with remote-controlled and autonomous valet parking, a feature that showcases the advancement of vehicle automation.

Public Reaction and Future Implications

While these advancements are technically impressive, there’s skepticism about their practicality and necessity. The focus on in-car gaming and extensive digital offerings raises questions about distraction and the overall necessity of such features in a vehicle. Moreover, the subscription-based model might not be appealing to all customers.

Safety Concerns and Regulations

A major worry about new tech in cars is that it might distract drivers more. Cars are turning into spots for entertainment, so car makers must put in safety features that stop people from using them the wrong way when they’re driving. BMW is all about keeping people safe, and they’ve gotta tread lightly to make sure their fancy gadgets stick to the rules of the road and keep drivers focused.

Market Reception and Adaptation

The introduction of these technologies also raises questions about market reception. Will consumers be willing to pay the additional cost for a Digital Premium subscription? How will traditional BMW enthusiasts react to these changes? The answers to these questions will shape the future strategies of BMW and other luxury car manufacturers.


BMW is upping its ante by introducing digital enhancements to its vehicles, and that’s significant for the automotive industry. They aim to provide more features, customization options, and enjoyment on the road. However, we’ll have to hang tight to determine if folks take a shine to these updates and if they alter driving behaviors. If you’re itching for the lowdown on BMW’s latest tech showcased at CES 2024, click here.

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