Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Hype, Game Modes, and Predicted PC Requirements

With just a week remaining for the Spider-Man 2 embargo to be lifted and the game’s release two weeks away, the anticipation for this sequel is palpable. When reflecting upon the previous generation of PlayStation and the current PS5 era, Spider-Man 2 stands out as a milestone title. Its predecessor, Spider-Man on PS4, carved an … Read more

Deepfakes in Hollywood: The Intricate Web of AI, Ethics, and Celebrity Likeness

The age of AI-driven deepfakes has arrived, and it’s not just confined to anonymous dark corners of the internet. A-list celebrities like Tom Hanks are finding their likenesses being used, without their permission, in deepfake videos promoting various products and services. Hanks recently discovered a video of his AI-generated twin endorsing a dental plan, a … Read more

Excitement Builds for Super Mario Bros. Wonder with Demos and New Art Style Revelations

The anticipation for the upcoming “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” game for the Nintendo Switch continues to soar, with demo stands starting to appear in retailers ahead of its October 20 release. Fans who have had the opportunity to try out these demos have shared overwhelmingly positive impressions. However, it’s always advisable to take demo impressions … Read more

Sony Faces Multiple Data Breaches Impacting Thousands of Employees

In a troubling sequence of events, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has become a target for hackers, with two major security breaches reported within a short span. Bleeping Computer has brought to light details surrounding these breaches, highlighting potential risks to thousands of current and former Sony employees. The MOVEit Data Breach Additional Breach from September … Read more

SEGA’s Unreleased “Hyenas”: Inside The Costliest Game Cancellation

SEGA’s recent cancellation of the online multiplayer shooter “Hyenas,” developed by Creative Assembly, has shocked many, not just because of the anticipation around the game, but also due to the immense resources invested in its development. Recent reports suggest that this game had the largest budget in SEGA’s history, even surpassing that of the notable … Read more

PlayStation Plus October 2023: Free Games Unveiled

The autumn air may be starting to bite, but PlayStation is turning up the heat with a new round of PS Plus Essential games for October 2023. As we transition from September, Sony continues its legacy of offering an exciting variety of titles each month. This time, the gaming giant is serving up a blend … Read more

Microsoft’s Attempt to Place Bing on Apple Devices: An Inside Look

In a significant revelation, Bloomberg reported that executives from Microsoft and Apple convened in 2020 to explore the possibility of selling Bing to Apple. At the core of these talks was Apple’s services chief, Eddy Cue. Although the dialogue took place, it remained in the exploratory phase, suggesting that Apple, especially key personnel such as … Read more

Starfield’s Game-Changing Mods: A Deep Dive

For all its grandeur and ambition, one of the most lamented aspects of Starfield is its approach to space travel. Instead of delivering a seamless and interactive space exploration experience, players often found themselves engulfed by cutscenes, acting as mere loading screens for transitions. This repetitive method reminded gamers that they were essentially just moving … Read more