Attention-grabbing hardware pile.

IT retailers offer products at wholesale prices with VAT and retail profit. Two ASUS notebooks and a compact video card are featured, with various configurations available.

Current IT Retail Offers

This article is compiled from the current offers of IT retailers who are sponsoring this column. The prices stated in the article are based on wholesale (with VAT and retail profit) and lists of our retail partners. The prices are updated one day before publication, but due to market changes, product prices may change even after a day.

The products featured in our presentation can be purchased at various retail stores listed on our wholesale partner websites or through our retail partners. Most computer products come with a two-year warranty, although different warranty periods will be announced separately.

ASUS Notebooks

We’ll start by discussing two ASUS notebooks:

ExpertBook B1 B1500 (B1500CEAE-BQ2789)

  • Priced at HUF 209,900 with FreeDOS OS
  • Built for business purposes; featuring an aluminum cover that houses a 4-core/8-thread Intel Core i5-1135G7 central unit equipped with Intel Iris Xe IGP turbocharged up to 4.2 GHz
  • Includes 8 GB DDR4 memory which can expand as well as A256 GB PCI Express M.2 SSD storage capacity
  • A chiclet keyboard supplemented by Hungarian characters plus numeric pad features backlighting capabilities


      + Additional Features include:

    1. A Full HD display measuring15 inches long that covers45 percent NTSC color space coverage and unfolds180 degrees
    2. An integrated Wi-Fi6/Bluetooth5 module alongsidethe power button’s fingerprint reader featuresthe noise-filtering array microphoneandthe720 pixel webcam protecting your privacy complete this laptop package

    3. Ram/storage option accessible via screw removal around its cover reveals combo jacks,D-sub socket,microSD card reader,Gigabit Ethernet,and DisplayPort alt-mode tech amongst others
    4. Laptop also comes weighing approximately42-watt-hour battery weight bearing MIL-STD810H military standard certification sold alongside several other hardware/software configurations it has been made availablein additionto having Three-year warranty availability.

      Vivobook X1502ZA-BQ529 Antibacterial treated ASUS Vivobook,

      Priced at HUF . With specifications including:12-core(consistingof four P-Coresand eight E-Core)/16-threadIntelCore i51240P CPU boosted upto44GHz.Itis lookingforitsfuture ownerwith320016GBDDR43200RAM,a512GBNVMeSSD,aDTSSonicMaster sound system anda fingerprint sensor appliedtothetouchpad.ASUSVivobook15X[+]

      Mainfeaturesinclude:aconcavebuttonErgoSensekeyboard,hinges,a webcammicrowavelessunit,battery,andwirelesscomponentsthatare mostly identicalto thosefoundonExpertBook.However,the device housing containsan HDMI outputof versionone pointfourcomma three-point-five-millimetercombojack,A USB Type-C portwhich supportsUSBType-A portsalongside atheUSBtwo-point-zeroport.The mobiledevicecomesweighingapproximatelyone kilogramands99cm thick.BlackredorblueLogitechM171mouseasacable-freegiftisalsoincluded.Likeitsbrandpartner,itcanbeorderedinotherspecificationsifdesired.

      Gaming Video Card – ASUS Dual GeForce RTX3060 V20C Edition;If you’re not interested buying laptops but searching for modern relatively compact video cards for your desktop PCthat allowyou toeasily playgamesinFullHDwithout compromising quality(in1440pwithevenolder titles),thenlooknofurtherthan200mm-long,two-slotASUSDualGeForceRTX306OV20COCEditioncardfeaturing low load temperature passively operating dualfanscoolingsystem.[+]