ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQMR: New 300Hz Gaming Monitor

ASUS released a new monitor with a 27-inch IPS panel, 300Hz refresh rate, 120% sRGB color gamut coverage, and improved image technology.

ASUS Unveils New 27-inch Gaming Monitor with 300Hz Refresh Rate

The main feature of the new ASUS gaming monitor is its 27-inch IPS panel with a refresh rate of 300Hz. In addition, it boasts a color gamut coverage of up to 120% sRGB, brightness level at 600 nits and various image enhancement technologies.

Gaming Monitor

IPS Panel Technology for Enhanced Viewing Experience

The use of an IPS panel technology in this new ASUS monitor allows for wider viewing angles and better color reproduction compared to traditional TN panels. It also provides more accurate colors by maintaining consistent brightness levels across the screen regardless of the viewing angle.

High Refresh Rate for Smoother Gameplay

A high refresh rate means that images on-screen update faster, resulting in smoother gameplay even during fast-paced action scenes or intense battles. With its impressive refresh rate capability, gamers can expect minimal motion blur or lagging effects while playing their favorite games.

Better Color Accuracy and Image Quality Enhancement Technologies

In addition to having excellent color coverage at over 120% sRGB, this gaming monitor utilizes various image quality enhancement technologies such as HDR (high dynamic range) support which increases contrast ratio between lightest whites and darkest blacks giving more depth perceptual accuracy. 

Overall, the new ASUS gaming monitor brings together the latest features designed specifically for gamers who demand superior performance from their displays. 


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