ARM “laptop” for hobbyists with 2-year battery life

Andreas Eriksen built a machine, named PotatoP, with a single charge lasting for years using SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP SBC and solar charger.

Introducing PotatoP: A Machine Built to Last

Andreas Eriksen was once faced with the issue of his notebook draining at the worst possible moment. Since he didn’t need serious performance for his smaller programming projects, he decided to build a machine that could last for years on a single charge.

The completed creation, named PotatoP, is not exactly on par with NASA’s workstations but it is certainly an interesting addition to the IT world.

The Configuration

PotatoP runs on SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP SBC which uses a 96 MHz ARM Cortex-M4F Ambiq Apollo3 SoC supported by 384 kB memory and 1 MB flash storage. The device has maximum consumption of only 5 milliwatts and paired with it is a Sharp LS044Q7DH01 LCD display measuring 4.4 inches in size (monochrome without backlight) and resolution of just 320 x240 pixels.

Eriksen wishes that Japanese manufacturers would make this type available in larger screen sizes as well.

About Keyboard & Power Source

No restrictions were placed when selecting the keyboard however Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite2 filled this role perfectly because hobbyists do not necessarily require specific keyboards.
Potato P runs uLispet construction powered by PiJuice battery having capacity if12,000 mAh alongwith solar charger operating through Jasper Sikken’s Aemlion integrated conversion circuit .Although Andreas aims towards making its power source unlimited yet if software optimizations don’t seem effective enough then possibly system will be expanded using additional solar cells.
Readers can follow project progress via website.