Apple’s iOS 17 Launch: Everything You Need To Know

Apple has officially revealed that the eagerly awaited iOS 17 will be released on September 18. This announcement was made during the company’s “Wonderlust” event, amidst the excitement surrounding Apple’s other product launches. iOS 17 was first presented to the public during the WWDC event in June, where it was initially available in beta format. The update will be available free of cost to users. Shares of Apple experienced a slight dip, down by less than 1% in early trading following the announcement.

What’s New with iOS 17?

iPhone Upgrades

  • Standby Mode: Users can put their iPhones into standby mode while charging on its side, converting the phone into a clock, photo shuffler, or widget operator. 
  • Live Voicemail Screening: A feature allowing users to read voicemail transcripts in real-time, deciding then if the call is worth picking up. 
  • FaceTime to AppleTV: Users can project their FaceTime calls onto an AppleTV. While the iPhone or iPad will act as the camera, the incoming video will project onto the TV’s larger screen. 
  • NameDrop: An extension of the AirDrop feature, letting users exchange contact details by holding their phones near each other.

Improved Features in iPhones

  • FaceTime now allows users to leave video messages, with a plethora of video effects available, akin to a voicemail.
  • FaceTime calls from unknown contacts can be automatically silenced.
  • The phone app introduces visually engaging alerts for incoming calls.
  • Enhancements to the Autocorrect and predictive text features.

Changes in Major Apps

  • FaceTime: Introduces voicemails and enhanced video messages.
  • Messages: Augmented search functions and a “catch-up” feature for group chats.
  • Standby Experience: Functions as a bedside clock when the phone is placed horizontally.

AirPods Pro Upgrades

  • Introduction of Adaptive Audio: Adjusts the volume and noise cancellation based on surrounding environments. 
  • Conversation Awareness Mode: Customizes playback volume and amplifies nearby voices, enhancing face-to-face conversations.

Device Compatibility

  • iOS 17 is available for iPhones launched within the last five years, including iPhone Xs/Xr (2018) and newer models.
  • Specific models supported are from the iPhone 11 (2019), iPhone 12 (2020), iPhone 13 (2021), and iPhone 14 (2022) lines. This encompasses all the standard, pro, Pro Max, mini, or plus-sized variants from these generations.
  • Additionally, the second and third-generation iPhone SE models are compatible.

For those uncertain about their iPhone model, they can navigate to Settings > General > About > Model Name. If the model isn’t directly listed, users can reference their Model Number against Apple’s official support documents, available here.

Installing iOS 17

  • Upon release, users can install iOS 17 by heading to Settings > General > About > Software Update.
  • For enthusiasts keen on experiencing iOS 17 before its official release, they can opt for the RC (release candidate) beta.

More on Apple’s “Wonderlust” Event

Beyond the announcement of iOS 17, Apple’s “Wonderlust” event unveiled a series of products that left the tech community buzzing with excitement.

iPhone 15 Lineup

  • Apple introduced four new phone models, with the entry-level iPhone 15 priced at $799.
  • The most premium of the bunch, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, starts at a price point of $1,199.
  • These phones come equipped with new titanium exteriors and have made a significant shift by adopting USB-C charging.
  • Preorders for these models started as early as the following Friday, with availability from September 22.

Apple Watch Releases

  • The event showcased the brand-new Apple Watch with an impressive 72 hours of battery life.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is priced at $799, the Series 9 at $399, and the second-generation SE will cost consumers $249.
  • Customers had the opportunity to preorder these watches immediately after the announcement, with an official release date also set for September 22.

In Conclusion

Apple’s iOS 17 is set to introduce a myriad of features and enhancements across the board, making iPhones and AirPods Pro more user-friendly and integrated than ever before. As the launch date approaches, iPhone users globally are eagerly anticipating this upgrade, solidifying Apple’s reputation for continuous innovation user-centric design, and intuitive functionality.

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