Apple still considering Touch ID under screen, but patience required.

Apple is continuing to research and develop Touch ID technology, with recent patents suggesting a potential combination of shortwave infrared and optical imaging. The company is also reportedly working on an under-screen Touch ID reader that could create “full screen” iPhones in the future. While Face ID remains the dominant biometric identification system for iPhones, Apple’s fingerprint sensor may still have a role to play in unlocking devices without removing gloves or when hands are wet. However, some analysts suggest it may be several years before this technology becomes widely available on Apple products.

Touch ID is not Dead: Apple Continues to Research for its Improvement

While Face ID seems to be the future of iPhones, and even Face ID under the screen, Apple’s fingerprint sensor would not be doomed. The Cupertino giant would continue to carry out research to make it even more efficient.

Since its introduction in 2017, with the iPhone X, Face ID has gradually become the most present biometric identification system on iPhone but Touch ID has not said its last word! The fingerprint reader is still in use on most iPad models and also introduced recently with the iPhone SE. However, it hasn’t experienced a major technological revolution in recent years.

To revamp this technology further and offer better features than before, Apple had been trying hard since at least ten years ago when they filed patents over time for creating a Touch-ID reader placed under-screen which could combine shortwave infrared & an optical imaging system that can have several functions other than just recognizing fingerprints accurately as well analyzing vein arrangement or oxygenation rates among others alongside moisture presence detection or glove compatibility without requiring any extra effort from users side:

“Thus, not only will you recognize your finger placement through touch id area but analyze your veins’ structure alongwith oxygen rate beats heartbeats etc.& detect wet hands/gloves so unlocking phone becomes effortless”

The company continues looking for solutions giving this technology new life by developing a Touch-ID scanner capable of operating beneath screens making way toward full screen iPhones while keeping face recognition too according MacRumors who revealed that there was progress made regarding obtaining dozens of patents lately hinting towards adopting such tech within next couple three years after introducing facial recognition feature first though analyst Ross Young estimates earliest launch date around 2026 stating Wall Street Journal testifying similar prototypes being tested during development process).

In conclusion,

  • The road ahead remains long if indeed TouchID returns back into grace; however one cannot help imagine how much usefulness & fluidity implementation might bring about!

Source: MacRumors (English)