Apple Podcasts Launches New Subscription Analytics and Partnerships

Apple Podcasts is elevating its platform for creators, launching new analytics tools that enable podcasters to understand more about their subscriber base. With these tools, creators will now gain insights on:

  • How many listeners initiated a free trial.
  • The conversion rate from free trials to paid subscriptions.
  • The type of subscription plan chosen by listeners differentiates between monthly and annual plans.
  • Geographic breakdowns of their subscriber base.

These tools are designed to supplement the analytics on regular listeners that Apple made available in 2017, giving podcasters a comprehensive look at both their general listenership and their subscription-based audience.

Interface Enhancements

Creators can navigate these analytics through Apple Podcast Connect, their dashboard. The dashboard offers two main categories: “Overview” and “Trends”. While the Overview tab provides data on free trial subscriptions, conversions, and geographical metrics, the Trends category goes in-depth into subscription events, the number of active subscribers, estimated proceeds, and the progression of subscriptions over time.

Addressing Previous Limitations

Despite being a significant platform in the podcasting space, Apple Podcasts had its set of challenges when they first introduced in-app podcast subscriptions. Creators found Apple Podcast Connect’s interface perplexing, and they encountered several bugs. The process of creating premium content, which audiences would pay for, was not streamlined, especially for independent podcasters.

Upgraded Content Delivery for Creators

Recognizing the importance of a seamless content upload process, Apple is introducing five new hosting providers to its delegated delivery system. These include:

  • Audiomeans
  • Captivate
  • Podbean
  • Podspace
  • Transistor

These additions mean creators can now publish their premium content directly from the dashboard of their preferred hosting provider. Platforms such as Blubrry, Libsyn, Triton Digital’s Omny Studio, and had already been supporting this feature on Apple Podcasts subscriptions.

New Strategic Collaborations

Apple Podcasts is not stopping at just analytics and hosting improvements. They are entering a strategic partnership with Linkfire, a Danish music analytics platform. Linkfire specializes in creating “smart links” which allow for in-depth insights into user engagement.

Linkfire Integration for Enhanced Listener Insights

As part of this collaboration, Linkfire is introducing “Linkfire for Podcasts”, designed explicitly for podcast creators. This tool will allow creators to:

  • Generate smart links for their shows.
  • Access detailed data on listener interactions with their content, including visits, click-through rates, and engagement.
  • Direct users to a landing page that offers not just episodes but also newsletters, merchandise, live events, and other relevant content.

Experts in the podcasting industry, like Dan Misener, co-founder of podcast agency Bumper, are optimistic about the Linkfire integration, stating it could revolutionize the way podcasters view their audience’s listening habits. The integration’s potential to differentiate between mere downloads and actual listenership can offer a more genuine look into the success and reach of a podcast.


Apple Podcasts’ latest updates and partnerships are a testament to the platform’s commitment to enhancing the experience for creators. By offering comprehensive analytics, refining content delivery, and collaborating with platforms like Linkfire, Apple is set to redefine the podcasting landscape, ensuring creators have the necessary tools to grow and engage their audience effectively.

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