Apple dominates smartphone market in 2022, outselling competitors.

Counterpoint’s study shows that 8 out of the top 10 best-selling smartphones in 2022 were iPhones, with Samsung occupying the other two spots. The iPhone 14 Pro Max was the most popular model in September to November, then replaced by the iPhone 14. Apple’s ability to sell high-end phones is demonstrated, while Samsung mainly sells entry-level and mid-range devices.

A Study by Counterpoint Reveals Apple’s Dominance in the Best-Selling Smartphones of 2022

Counterpoint, a research company, has published a new study that ranks the best-selling smartphones of 2022. The study shows an impressive domination by Apple as eight out of ten spots are occupied by iPhones while Samsung takes up the other two places.

The Top Spot Goes to iPhone 14 Pro Max

In September last year, when Apple released its new line-up for smartphones, iPhone 14 Pro Max took over as the best-seller from September until November and was later replaced by iPhone 14 in December. With this ranking result in hand and knowing how high-priced these phones can be from apple’s side makes it even more impressive to see their sales hitting almost one-third (28%) among all phone sales.

iPhone “Pro” Models Lead Sales Trends

Apple’s trend towards reserving top-of-the-line features for its “Pro” models seems to have worked well with consumers who happily paid extra for premium versions. This success should encourage them further to concentrate on their most expensive iPhones going forward.

Samsung Makes Its Mark with Entry-Level Smartphones

The only non-Apple phones on this list belong to Samsung; Galaxy A13 (non-5G) comes fourth while Galaxy A03 takes tenth place. Their entry-level smartphone is always popular every year due mainly because they offer great value at affordable prices – something that direct competitor like Apple does not cater much into yet!

Source: Counterpoint in English