Apple developing touchless controls for AirPods in English

Apple registers patent for new way of controlling AirPods volume without hands.

Apple registers patent for new way of interacting with AirPods

Apple has registered a patent describing a new method of user interaction with its wireless headphones, the AirPods. The patent proposes controlling volume without the need for hands – simply by using facial expressions and head movements.

The details

The proposed technology would use sensors on the AirPods to detect changes in movement and expression from the wearer’s face. For example, tilting your head backwards could increase volume while tilting it forwards could decrease it. Nodding your head or smiling could also be used as commands.

If this feature is implemented, it would provide users with even greater convenience when using their AirPods. Users will be able to control audio playback without having to take out their phone or physically interact with their headphones at all.


This latest development highlights Apple’s ongoing efforts towards creating more intuitive ways of interacting with technology through body language recognition software known as “AirGesture.” This concept aims to revolutionize device interactions beyond touch-based controls by enabling devices that can understand human gestures and respond accordingly.

Innovation over competition

This is not Apple’s first attempt at developing such technologies; they have already introduced features like Face ID unlocking which uses facial recognition instead of fingerprints; Siri voice assistant communicates via voice commands & responses making life easier than ever before! These innovative technologies have helped them stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market where consumers expect companies like Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co Ltd., Google LLC etc., constantly innovate products that make our lives better every day.

The future potential

While there are no guarantees that this particular patented idea will become reality anytime soon – given how many patents never see actual production – but if we consider other emerging trends such as virtual assistants (like Alexa), augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences then possibilities become endless!