AOC unveils seven P3 series office monitors at once.

AOC revealed seven office monitors in their P3 series, ranging from 24 to 34 inches with varying features such as webcams and Type-C ports.

AOC Unveils Seven New Office Monitors in P3 Series

Technology company AOC has showcased seven new office monitors as part of its P3 series, ranging from 24 to 34 inches in size. The models differentiate themselves with features such as webcams, docking stations and Type-C ports.

The monitors are designed for use in a professional setting, offering high-definition displays that can improve productivity and reduce eye strain. Each monitor boasts an IPS panel with wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction.

P3 U27P3

This model is the largest among the new releases at 27 inches. It offers a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels (4K) along with HDR support for enhanced image quality.


This widescreen monitor measures at 31.5 inches diagonally with a curved display design to provide immersive visuals while working or gaming on it. 

P3299PWAJ8T & X34S-1E 

  • Webcam: Both these models have built-in web cameras that make video conferencing easy without having any additional hardware requirement. 
  • Docking Station: The dock provides seamless connectivity between devices through multiple USB-A / USB-C ports making it easier to connect peripherals like keyboards/mice/USB drives etc.,
  • Type C Ports: These also come equipped With USB Type-C port which supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode(Alt-mode)for transmitting high-quality video signals over compatible cables besides providing data transfer speeds up to twice faster than previous versions..   👉🏼

The remaining two monitors include:

    p2499pjwn – With Full HD resolution this one is perfect fit for those who need crisp clear imaging but not looking forward into investing into expensive ones.

    •p279hp6 – Measuring just under twenty-seven inches diagonally ,this ultra-slim model has FHD Resolution along HDMI inputs,🤔

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