4K TV with webOS: Sencor SLE 55US801.

LG is making its webOS smart platform available to other manufacturers, including Sencor’s televisions. The SLE 55US801 model has an average appearance and standard inputs/outputs.

LG’s webOS available to other manufacturers

In the summer of 2020, LG announced that they will make their own smart platform, webOS, developed since 2014, available to other manufacturers. They have reached an agreement with a number of companies in the past two and a half years including Sencor. The Czech company’s televisions using the webOS system can already be purchased in Hungary.

Sencor SLE 55US801 Review

The Sencor SLE 55US801 is one television model that arrived not long ago and we borrowed one for testing purposes. We were interested mainly in picture quality as it remains an important aspect when judging a television; however we also looked at handling and sound quality.

Sencor is not known for coming up with huge design magic with its TVs – similarly, this TV doesn’t stand out from the line either due to its completely average appearance. The bezel on this TV follows today’s trend by being very thin which flushes well with its display itself making it invisible when turned off. Its feet are placed on both sides while having been given a shiny black color just like those under the display.

The installation process involves simple placement of small pads which keep screen stable but do not allow tilting or rotating – hence cannot be placed on narrow cabinets or stands although hanging screens relatively easily onto vertical surfaces such as walls or brackets via standard VESA bracketing systems pose no problems whatsoever.

This may not necessarily be regarded as high-end technology so inputs/outputs aren’t located externally but rather at back panel level instead:

  • Three HDMI ports (HDMI version: HDMI-CEC,HDMI-ARC,HDCP)
  • Two USB Ports (USB version: USB1 & USb2)
  • A component port(AV), Ethernet(LAN) connector,
  • An optical digital audio output(PCM/Dolby Digital), analog audio input/output(3 x RCA jack) connectors,
  • A Common Interface Plus slot(CI+) used mostly for decoding pay digital TV broadcasts.

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